Agape International Missions

Agape International Ministries has churches and missions in Italy and El Salvador. Our goal is to empower people in both countries through the Word of God and education resulting in them becoming resourceful in their communities and productive in the body of Christ.

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Words from our senior pastor

Pastor Vincent C. Allen

Well Praise Him!!!

As you read the below, it is my prayer that you will have the heart and mind to continue the fast. We are seeking the face of God for direction as we move forward. Outreach is our focus. Outreach in every aspect. From the Juvenile to Garrison Woods. From witnessing in Wal Mart to revivals throughout the year. I pray everyone will join me and First Lady in spreading the gospel and being a true witness for the Lord. Leading someone to the Lord only takes a few minutes of your time. Please remain vigilant and bold as you share your faith.

Lord Bless,